Sunday, August 26, 2012

Some more monthly subscriptions!!

As you know I like to research and join monthly beauty subscription and blog about each one.  I like sharing with you my finds and my products that I received.  I have come across and joined these new subscriptions:

  • BeautyBox 5:  BeautyBox 5 is a monthly beauty subscription a lot like Birchbox or MyGlam.  You get 4-5 monthly samples of your favorite beauty brands, and usually they offer a full size product.  You can join monthly....quarterly or yearly.  Monthly subscription is $12/month.  Quarterly is $30 (which is $10 per monthly and is billed quarterly) and the yearly subscription is $100 (which comes to $8.33 per month).  I decided to go a head with the yearly subscription, which I should have joined for a few months just to check out what their subscription and beauty samples are like.  I would suggest anyone who does join a monthly beauty subscription to do just that and test them before committing to a subscription.  I guess I was thinking of the $8.33 a month.  But I'll keep my fingers crossed and see how each month's products and samples are.  Anyways just wanted to pass this along to you.  If you are interested in signing up under me my referral link is: or you can go to their website and sign up directly through them at !
  • Influenster:  Now this is a really cool site and it is FREE! They have a unique spin on their membership.  You go in and sign up and you unlock "badges".  The more badges you unlock the more chances you have at receiving a free box of full size products!  One thing they look at though if that you give feedback and share your finds through social medias, like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and a blog site like this.  So you go on to their site and try and unlock as many badges as you can.  They have "Influence" badges such as YouTube, smartphone, blogger, promoter, etc.  Then the next set of badges is "Lifestyles" such as techie, health-nut, outdoorsy, beauty, green, mom, bride-to-be, dog lover, cat lover, and more!  So go into these badges and see how many you can open!!  The more you can the more chances you have.  I was very excited to get notification this past week that I got pre-selected to get to get their "Naturals" VoxBox!! In order for me to confirm my interest in their program and and to be considered and official participant I was asked to fill out their "Naturals VoxBox Pre-Survey" to customize my box.  So yeah it's pretty exciting and if you want to try and get a free VoxBox from Influenster, just go onto their website at and fill out as many badges as you can, but also remember they are looking for members who have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a blog site, and to help share their products, also logging into their website to do product reviews!
  • Julep:  Julep is a monthly nail polish subscription.  I have seen a lot of reviews on Julep and so many people love their nail polishes.  I love nail polish! It's one of my guilty pleasures!! I never use to have great nails...and my nails are shaped the nicest, but over the last few years my nails have become strong.  Painting my nails is actually something that I do that makes me feel good, and buying nail polish is an addiction to me!  Haha!  The thing that I like about Julep is that they are made without harmful chemicals that are in other nail polishes.  So you log onto their website, do a style quiz and then you can check out your first Julep Maven box with at least 2 gorgeous nail polishes, and other beauty favorites that they will include in your box!  If you don't like the nail colors they have selected for you, you can go and select another style.  It's $19.99 each month and you receive at least $40 of products.   You can earn a free month for every 2 people who signs up and purchases under your referral.  You also get 20% off and free shipping from the Maven Boutique! They will send you an email on the 20th of each month and you need to log into your account between the 20th and 24th to submit your request.  If you are interested in signing up under my referral, you can go to: !!  Or you can go directly to their website at !
So these are just a few recent monthly subscription I am passing on to you!  Check them out!!  And let me know if you have joined any and what your thoughts are and how you like their products!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Glam Bag August 2012 - My 1st and GREAT BAG!!

This is my very first Glam Bag and I can say is that I was very impressed with it! Glam Bag is a monthly beauty subscription that is $10 a month. Glam Bags come each month in a shinny metallic mailer and the samples come in a little cosmetic bag. Usually the cosmetic bags are different each month.  Very cute idea! You can sign up at for your very own Glam Bag.

Here is what I got:

  •  eclos Plant Stem Cells Anti-Aging Cellular Activator Face Serum - .5 oz
  •  eclos Plant Stem Cells Anti-Aging Regenerative Cream - .25 fl oz
  •  Salty Cosmetics Loose Luxury Mineral Eye Shadow in Glama-ZOID! #150 - .035 oz
  •  My Glam Gloss color 02 - full size .237 fl oz
  •  Demeter Fragrance Library Dragon Fruit Roll-On Perfume Oil - .29 fl oz
  •  Circus by Andrea's Choice nail color in Ringmaster - full size .45 fl oz
So I was VERY impressed with my very first Glam Bag and the beauty samples I got!  I got 2 full size products....the My Glam Gloss and Circus by Andrea's Choice Ringmaster nail polish.  The eclos products re nice sample sizes and I'm very excited to try them.  I always love any kind of facial moisturizers or serums.  I was a little on the fence with Demeter's Dragon Fruit Roll-On Perfume Oil.  I like light floral fruity fragrances, but this one just didn't grab me when I first applied some.  Reminds me of Kool Aid.....and that's a smell I don't really want to have on me.  I will give it another try though.  Also excited to try the Salty Cosmetics Loose Luxury Mineral Eye Shadow.....great as a highlight under your brow or on the inner corners of your eyes for the bright wide-awake look that we all want!

If you want to check out my video on this month's Glam Bag....check me out on YouTube at littlebitofbeauty050 !  Please subscribe too if you like my videos.  I am on a mission right now to get 60 subscribers and once I reach the 60 mark I will be doing an awesome giveaway that will include a handbag from Little Black Bag!

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Birchbox August 2012

Received August BirchBox. Not real sure about the items in this month's box. They seemed a little lacking compared to others that I have received in the past. BirchBox is a monthly beauty sample subscription that is $10 a month. This month's theme was "Beauty School".The enclosed card on "Pencils of Promise" was really interesting and a great thing that Birchbox is doing!! All month long BirchBox will donate 15% of their proceeds from the Birchbox Shop to Pencils of Promise, with the goal of building a school in Central America! I'm all for schools not matter what...and especially building schools in other countries where children don't necessarily get the chance to a decent education.

This is what I got in this month's Birchbox:
** (2) Caldrea Hand Soap - Full size price is $10.50
** Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy La Fleur - Full size price is $70 (Love this!!)
** stila smudge stick waterproof eye liner - Full size price is $20
** Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream - Full size price is $16
BIRCHBOX FINDS: Schick hydra silk razor

If you subscribe to Birchbox let me know!  Also let me know what you got in yours this month and your thoughts!!

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Little Black Bag for August 2012!! There are 2!

If you're into something new and exciting with monthly subscriptions, Little Black Bag is one of the most innovative and fun monthly fashion subscriptions.  For only $49.95 per month you can get up to and over $150 worth of handbags, jewelry, cosmetics, accessories and home items! 

How it works is that you can go to their website and if you decide that you'd like to do a monthly subscription, you just pay $49.95 per month + $4.95 shipping.  Or if you just want to give it a try without any commitments it's $59.95 per month + $4.95 shipping.  You go onto their site, so a style survey and once you've done that, the site takes you to their gallery of awesome designer handbags, jewelry, cosmetics, and so much more.  You go in and choose one item and once you go and agree to pay, what Little Black Bag does is that they will go in and put 2-4 more items (depending on how you answered your survey) into your virtual "bag"!  This is where the fun really begins!!  Depending on if you like what Little Black Bag has selected for you, you can decide to keep your items...and have them shipped OR you can start trading out the ones you don't want to keep.  You can trade with other member on the site and you have a total of 7 days to trade.  This is so fun and so addicting!  When I first started with LBB I was really hesitant on trading and afraid that I'd get stuck with an item that no one else wanted....but you know what? There seems to be someone out there who wants the item you want to trade.  And sometimes there are so many trade offers that you get to pick and choose who or what you want to trade! Some people are so committed to trading that they will trade constantly to get what they want.  Me....I don't have the time or the energy to devote to such craziness!!  People recommend that you go the full 7 days to trade.  That's up to you.  Me....I will trade until I realize that I really like what I got and will elect to have my items shipped.  You can also elect to "skip" a month, which is great because that gives a little flexibility for you to decide if you want to purchase items from LBB or not.  Also you have the option to send back any item/s that you are not happy.  They will either give you a refund or you can elect to have that item's dollar amount applied to your next month's LBB!  Their customer service is excellent!!

Oh and not to mention.....they also add free stuff to your bag!  One month they had free trial size of Redken products, and this month everyone got a coupon for $15 off any purchase of $75 dollars at !

Anyways I did two bags this month and here is what I got!!

My 1st Little Black Bag August 2012

  • Melie Bianco Edith Top Handle Framed Bag - Valued at $70
  • BCBGeneration Mini Square Crossbody - Valued at $78
  • All the Rage Beaded Necklace - Valued at $40
  • Steve Madden $15 coupon off on any $75 purchase at their store.
          Total #1 Little Black Bag Value:  $188!!

My 2nd Little Black Bag August 2012
  • Street Level Structured Top Handle Satchel - Valued at $72
  • Lydell NYC 3 Row Metal Disc Necklace - Valued at $26
  • Spring Street Seven Wonders Dainty Necklace - Valued at $18
  • Steve Madden $15 coupon off on any $75 purchase at their store.
Total #2 Little Black Bag Value:   $118

If you are interest in joining Little Black Bag through a referral from my, you can join at: .  I can get an free item added to my next bag up to $25!  You too will also get a referral link to have your family and friends join and you can get an extra item valued up to $25!!  

Also let me know if you do because I would really love to find out what you got in your Little Black Bag!

If you are interested in seeing an open box video of these items, or my other monthly subscriptions, visit my YouTube channel at - littlebitofbeauty050 !!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Eyelash Enhancer IDOL LASH

As you get older you tend to notice that your eyelashes don't seem to be as long as when you were younger.  I use to have really long eyelashes and people would always comment on them. Then it seemed like one day I woke up......took a look at my eyelashes and they weren't as nice and long as they use to be.  Silly Americans so worried about our looks!  I remember my mom taking a prescription drops for her glaucoma in one eye and the eye she put her drops in her eyelashes were so long.  Then not too long ago you hear about a product that came out on the market...and for the life of me right now I can't think of the name, only Brooke Shields doing the commercials for them, where you had to have a prescription for longer lashes.  Thank goodness these days you don't.  So I started to investigate on an eyelash enhancer for myself.  I called up my hair stylist and asked him if he knew of or had any products for eyelash enhancing.  He didn't but was going to go and pick up a product that he knew of.  When he went they weren't selling that particular product...I think it was Bamboo.  So I decided to investigate and found "IDOL LASH".  

I went on and looked at several products and found that Idol Lash had the best reviews.  I also went on the internet and read about it and found that it also had pretty good reviews.  I decided on Idol Lash because of this....and the other reason was price.  It wasn't cheap, but it also wasn't expensive as most other eyelash enhancers were.  The above photo (not great pictures) of my eyelashes (top) before Idol Lash and the bottom was just a few days ago.  And does work and I am very happy with the results!  I applied it every night before I went to bed on clean eyelids right next to my lash lines on both the top and the bottoms.  It takes at least a couple months of constant use each night until you notice your eyelashes are longer.....and also a little more thicker too!  So be patient and apply it each night before bed time.  Also....continue to apply it too.  That's what I have been doing.  

Here is a little info I came across the internet about Idol Lash:

Idol Lash

idol lashWith the huge number of new products in the eyelash growth enhancement market, it's difficult to sort out the products with exaggerated claims and the hype from the products that actually work to promote thicker and longer eyelashes. To help you to evaluate the many product choices, we have done the work for you with our in-depth reviews of the top eyelash growth options.

Idol Lash Reviews

Idol Lash is an eyelash growth enhancer that is applied daily to the base of the eyelashes in the same manner as liquid eyeliner. Noticeable growth occurs with as little as two weeks of use, and the product is clinically tested for effectiveness. In a study of fifteen participants who used Idol Lash every night, eyelash density as measured by SigmaScan software showed an increase of as much as 82 percent within a four week period.
Unlike similar eyelash growth products, Idol Lash is safe to use on eyelashes that have eyelash extensions attached to them. In addition, Idol Lash can be safely used on the lower lash line; most other eyelash growth products as not for use on the lower lash line because the product can easily enter the eye when used in this area.

Idol Lash Ingredients

The ingredients contained in the Idol Lash formula are safe; we are glad to see that some of the more harmful ingredients that can cause permanent changes in eye color such as bimatoprost and latanoprost are not included in Idol Lash. It's also good to note that Idol Lash, unlike many other eyelash growth formulas, does not contain parabens; while more research is currently underway, preliminary research links the use of cosmetic products containing parabens with certain types of cancer.
Idol Lash's main ingredients include Honey Extract, Panthenol, Chamomile Extract, Hydrolyzed Keratin, and Kelp Extract.

Idol Lash Side Effects

With its safe and natural ingredients, it's not a big surprise that the side effects from Idol Lash are slim to none. Most users note no side effects from Idol Lash other than the positive results of thicker, longer eyelashes and eyelash growth where there were no lashes at all previously. A few customers had minor itchiness when they first started using Idol Lash, but the itching resolved after a few uses and these customers were able to effectively continue their use of the product.

Idol Lash Final Thoughts

Idol Lash is definitely one of the better eyelash growth enhancers on the market today. In addition to producing measurable results without harmful side effects, Idol Lash won't break the bank. A starter package of Idol Lash costs $49.95 before shipping and handling, but the real savings come into play when you order multiple packages. Six packages of Idol Lash are priced at $149.95 before shipping and handling, bringing the price down to $24.99 each. And as of this writing, Idol Lash is offering a mail-in coupon that will bring the price down to $6.97!
Idol Lash can also be used on eyebrows to increase the thickness and darkness of eyebrow hairs or to jump start the growth of eyebrow hairs where natural hair growth is sparse or nonexistent.
Our overall recommendation for Idol Lash is a "go;" Idol Lash is one of the more effective and affordable eyelash growth enhancing products available today.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Monthly Subscriptions that I signed up for TODAY!

I'm really excited to share with you two more beauty subscriptions that I just signed up for today. Here's a little bit of info on them!

  • Beauty Box 5 - This is a monthly beauty subscription.  If you go to their website you can sign up for one month, quarterly or one year subscription.  For one month you can join for $12.  For quarterly (3 months) you can pay $30 ($10 mo./saving $6) or go for 1 year at $100 ($8.33 mo./saving $44).  Now that is pretty inexpensive if you can afford to sign up for one month. You will get 4-5 samples of your favorite beauty brands delivered each month!  I did see some videos on YouTube done on Beauty Box 5 and people were happy with the items they got in their box.  What they were excited about was that there were more makeup samples.  So I am really looking forward to trying out Beauty Box 5 ........ If you would like to subscribe under me my link is: .  If I get people who subscribe under me I will get a free box.  You too will get a referral link to share with you friends to get your own Beauty Box 5 free!  If you prefer, you can go directly to to Beauty Box 5's website at and join! 
  • The Natural Beauty Box - This is a NEW subscription club that just started in July!  It offers 10-15 deluxe 95-100% natural samples, with coupons with savings over $50, points toward free products with their product review rewards program, and full size samples in their boxes!  All just for $15-$20 per month.  So I am also very much looking forward to receiving "natural" beauty samples from this monthly subscription!  If you are interested in checking them out..... go tho their website at .
As usual once I get my boxes I will share with you for review on this blog.  Also please go to my YouTube channel at littlebitofbeauty050 and check out my video open box and reviews!  I would love for you to subscribe to my channel ..... the more I get signed up, the faster I will be putting together a giveaway!  So new subscribers are ALWAYS welcomed!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Beauty Army August 2012

Just got my second Beauty Army box delivered yesterday.  If you'd like to see a Vblog on what I got you can go to My Channel on YouTube at littlebitofbeauty050 and check it out.

As I have mentioned in my first mail blog about monthly/quarterly subscription I mentioned that Beauty Army is a monthly subscription of $12.  You can go onto their website once you have been accepted into their ...what I call .... "club" once you get an email notification to do so, and select 6 of 9 beauty samples.  For the month of August....I use the word samples very sparingly, just as the samples were! I was more impressed with the samples that I received last month.  What is nice about Beauty Army though is their presentation of their boxes.  They come in a very nice hinged black box.  It comes with the camouflage design on the inside of the box and your samples are nicely wrapped in navy blue and pink tissue paper.   

Included in this month's Beauty Army Box are:

  • GRAND CENTRAL BEAUTY Mask Kit - comes with intensive booster, powder and mixing stick. This product you mix both the booster and powder together but came with NO mixing instructions.
  • LUCY B. Australian Wild Jasmine eau de parfum - top notes of pineapple & white ginger & middle notes of water lily & magnolia. Infused wit natural Australian flower essences. I'm not a big fan of perfume samples for beauty subscriptions since they hand them out so freely at stores.  And the other thing is....the sample that I got with this month's box was so small and it was only half full.  I think that if Beauty Army, or any other subscription, is going to give samples of perfume with their boxes, make it worthwhile and make them bigger.  The samples that spray are nicer and are a little bigger.  I do like this fragrance sample though.
  • MACADAMIA Natural Oil - *Healing Oil Treatment* - theraputic oil for all hair types 1 oz.  I am always looking for and wanting some kind of oil treatment for my hair.  So I'm anxious to use this product!
  • BESSAME Crimson Rouge for rosy lips and cheeks 
  • CELLCEUTICALS Biomedical Skin Treatment - CerActive active moisture + barrier repair skin treatment .33 fl oz - You can never have too many creams and moisturizers and also got this in a previous box and wanted it again to use.
  • YOUNGBLOOD Mineral Primer - rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals - Paraban Free Cruelty Free - I really liked the feel of this mineral primer when I first squirt some on my hand.  It's really nice feeling, but not oily, even though when you put it on it feels oily.  It's got like a silicone feel to it.  So I hope this will be a very nice makeup primer to use.
So...there you have it for August's Beauty Army Box.  Please feel free to leave any comments or feedback if you like. If you have a Beauty Army Box you just received for August share with me what you like and don't like.

Please check back frequently since I will be trying to blog several times a week.  Also don't forget to checkout my Vblog on my channel on YouTube at littlebitofbeauty050 !