Tuesday, July 31, 2012

At Last a New Blog Site!

Hi Everyone!
At last I think I finally got this new site figured out!  I went on YouTube and looked at a quick video on how to get this started and.....here I am!

I will be blogging on a lot of beauty subscriptions, hauls, and jewelry.  I make jewelry so I thought it would be fun to share with you what I make!  I have been wanting to do this for a long time and was having a hard time trying to get started.  Thanks to the guy who made the YouTube video...here I am.

Some of the monthly/quarterly subscriptions that I belong to are listed here with some info about them - and these can get addicting!!
  • Little Black Bag - Now this is the most interesting and the most fun subscription site that I have come across.  Little Black Bag costs $49.95 a month (plus shipping) or $59.95 for a one time try at the website.  You go onto their website and do a little survey to find out what "style" you are.  They will ask you questions about items they show you and what in the particular selection you like.  From there you are then taken to a gallery of hundreds of items.  The items consists mainly of handbags, jewelry, cosmetics, accessories, home items ..... lots of fun and interesting items!!  And these are from designers such as Nila Anthony, Robert Rose, BCBGeneration, Betsey Johnson, Melie Bianco, Steve Madden, Kenneth Cole and so many others.  What you do you go into their gallery and pick out one item that you like and once you hit "OK" to purchase Little Black Bag will go into your "bag" and put in 2-4 more additional items valuing at around $150!  And once you get those items, if you like them....you can hit "Ship Now" or you can trade out what you don't like.  You trade with other members for their items and this is where the fun begins!!  I mean this is totally addicting!  You have 7 days to trade and during that time or at the end, depending on if you are liking what's in your "bag" you can have it shipped.  I'm new and so I've been really cautious about what I trade.  A lot of the members are hardcore traders!  It is so much fun!  If you are interested in getting a bag under me you can click on this link http://lbb.ag/I0HF - and I will get an extra item in my bag valuing at $25.  You don't have to...but it would nice.  You can also share a link with others once you become a member and you too can get an extra item put in your bag also!  Or you can go directly to their website at www.littleblackbag.com and get started!  You can also skip a month.  They will have a new feature starting August 1 where you can go into their gallery and hit the "Skip" button to skip that month!  Anyways....let me know what you think! I have uploaded videos on my items I've gotten through Little Black Bag.  Check me out at littlebitofbeauty050 on YouTube!
  • Birchbox - Birchbox was my very first subscription that I got into.  It's only $10 per month.  I have been pleased with Birchbox so far.  You also go into their website to find out your style and likes and from there items are selected buy Birchbox themselved and shipped to you.  You don't get to choose what you get.  You usually get up to 5-6 items that are in your Birchbox.  They are mostly samples but you do get a full sized product usually included in it. There is a card included that describes the items you have received.  I like this because the price of the subscription also includes shipping and you are always bound to get your $10 worth.  They have a lot of top named cosmetics, hair care, body care, fragrances, nail care and other products in your box such as Stila, Kerastase, philiosophy, Zoya and so many more!!  You can also go onto their website and give feedback on the products you received in your box that month and get points that can go toward $$ that you can go into their website and purchase full size products.  I have bought products from them on samples that I really really liked!  Their website it www.birchbox.com .  So check it out!  The only thing with Birchbox is that you can't "skip" a month.  For me that's ok.....I can handle $10 a month!  You can always later go on their website and elect to purchase the full size products.  I have done this several times.  Also you will get for product reviews, shopping products on their site and also buy referring friends.  For every 100 points you earn you get $10 in the Birchbox shop!  If you'd like to enroll under me where I would get 50 points my referral link is: https://www.birchbox.com?raf=qjrrd   .  Remember you too can get a referral link once you sign up for Birchbox and get points by signing up your friends too!!
  • Beauty Army - Beauty Army is also a monthly subscription for $12 a month.  This is a little different than Birchbox in that you can go in and choose up to 6 items from their website to be shipped to you.  You will be notified when it's time to choose those items, and if you don't then they will go in and pick items out to ship to you.  You have to go into their website: www.beautyarmy.com and take their profile.  Then you have to wait from them for an opening in their subscription.  Once you are notified (I think it took about a week or so for me) you have a certain time of the day, usually like 8:00 or 9:00 am Pacific time to go into their website for new subscriptions and pick out your 6 items.  They have a gallery of like maybe 9 items to choose from.  Once you pick....they will mail your Beauty Army box to you.  Now this box is a nice box!  It's made nice....has the camouflage of pink in the box and is wrapped nice in tissue paper of navy blue and pink.  So that's the difference in Beauty Army....you get to pick your samples.  Also on this I'm not sure if you can skip a month.  I don't think so.
  • Glossybox -  This a very nice monthly beauty subscription site!  This company had originated in Europe and 15 other countries and has just recently the last few months came to the United States.  I know lots of people were really excited about that.  The monthly subscription is $21.  They send you high end beauty products.  Each month they create a box of 5 luxury travel-sized and also full-sized products for you to lather, blend, soak, buff and groom!  Once you join you also create your beauty profile to start receiving personalized beauty products.  I have so far received 2 Glossyboxes and have been very happy with the items I get.  They come in a very nice hard soft pink box with their logo on the top.  It's always wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a bow.  It will come with a card that will tell you about the products you have received.  Very nice and very high quality beauty products.  They also include a Glossy Mag, a magazine that includes a lot of information on trends, wellness and other info.  You can also earn GlossyDots by doing product reviews or inviting friends and receive a free Glossybox.  If you are interested in joining under me where I can collect GlossyDots my referral link is:  http://bit.ly/Mw8lBG - you too will also get a referral link.  And if not....you can go directly to their website and join at www.glossybox.com .  
  • BeautyFix - This is awesome!! Literally you get your money's worth and then some and more and more!  BeautyFix is a quarterly beauty subscription of $49.99.  You may think this is a lot of money, and it is, but for the price you are most definitely getting your money's worth with this beauty subscription!!  I was totally impressed and blown away and happy with the products I received.  Now I have only gotten on box shipped to me and was totally happy with it.  You are notified quarterly when your box will be ready to select items.  When you start the subscription you go in and also complete a profile by answering a few questions to customize your BeautyFix experience.  Based on your profile their panelists handpick a large selection....and I mean LARGE, they know you will love for that season.  From that selection you will go in and pick 8 beauty products for $49.99.  These products are mostly full-sized products.  Oh I was totally happy with my each of my products I got.  Oh and also I did get to select one beauty bag from 3 styles that were offered.  If you are interested in this one got to www.beautyfix.com and get signed up!  You will never see any foil packets, only deluxe size and full size items!!  Also google on the internet for BeautyFix coupons for the month and you should find something.  For the money of July 2012 they had one for $30 off your first order.  Like a fool.....I forgot.  But you know what?  I was okay with it because I got awesome things for a fraction of the cost.  I'm always looking for a good buy.  Who isn't?
  • JewelMint - JewelMint is fun!  If you like jewelry and love different and unique styles then this is a really fun monthly jewelry subscription!!  At first I just wasn't getting their concept of their jewelry club.  The jewelry is designed actress Kate Bosworth and stylist Cher Coulter.  You go on their site and create a style profile.  From there they will recommend jewelry pieces that best meet your style.  And you can shop for your jewelry for just $29.99 each piece.  Ok now this is where I was confused......I thought well where's the concept of the monthly subscription if you can go in and select items for just $29.99 each.  Well I found out that once you go in and purchase a piece of jewelry and pay for it....they have the information on your credit card and will bill you each month $29.99.  From this you are given 1 credit.  With that 1 credit you can go in anytime and usually select one jewelry piece.  Well just recently I ended up with a lot of jewelry pieces for a little bit of money.  I really like their jewelry.  They are nice quality for the price.  I took advantage of buy one get one free.  Then they had a special that they would give you a sun glass case free if you bought one piece of jewelry...so I did!  And THEN they had this event where they had Mystery Bags!  You purchased a Mystery Bag for $29.99 and would get anywhere from 2-5 pieces of jewelry.....I bought 2!  And I was blown away that I got a total of 7 pieces of jewelry!!  I will post the pieces of jewelry that I have received in a later blog.  So if you think you'd be interested in checking out some jewelry and perhaps joining a jewelry subscription go to www.jewelmint.com !  Oh and I forgot to mention that you can elect to skip a month....which means that won't charge your credit card.
  • My Glam Bag - Now I am new to My Glam or as some people refer to it as My Glam Bag.  This is similar to Birchbox, where you only pay $10 per month and you get samples, and maybe some full size, beauty products sent to you.  What is a little different about My Glam Bag is....they actually send you your items in a little cosmetic bag.  I have not yet received my first Glam Bag, which I think is mailed out around the first of the month.  This subscription you also have to go to their website...take a quiz and then be put on a waiting list.  I think that the waiting list might be just until the next month's Glam Bag is ready to be shipped, because I got a notification about my credit card was billed and my Glam Bag should soon be on its way. You can subscribe by going to their website at www.myglam.com .  I know that you can't elect to skip the month, I believe you have to cancel your subsciption. . So I will need to give you a review of my thoughts on this beauty subscription.  
  • BeautyBar - This is also a new beauty subscription site for me too.  I have not yet received my BeautyBar/Sample Society Box.  It's a monthly subscription of $15.  Go onto their website and click on the "Sample Society" link and join.  Membership is limited.  The website is:  www.beautybar.com . You get 5 deluxe-sized samples from luxury brands and their samples are designed for multiple uses.  You get a $15 couple code each month (hence the price per month of your subscription!) when you shop any products from the brands you sample.  You get a mini-mag with your with your samples that will keep you up on your beauty news and also.....a year subscription to "Allure" Magazine.  I am looking forward to receive my first subscription box from BeautyBar!!
  • BarkBox - Now this is fun!  If you are a dog lover this is a box not for you....but for your furbaby!  And how fun!!  This is new to me too!  I have yet to get my .... eerr my furbabies have yet to get their BarkBox!  It is shipped around the 15th of each month.  The box will be filled with lots of goodies and supplies.  The cost of their BarkBox depends on how you choose to pay for it.  It starts out asking the size of your dog...in my case it's dogs and I am lucky because I have 4 Chihuahuas, so I got to choose the small and cute size "bark".  Then you can choose how you want to pay for it.  If you want to pay for just one month...it's $29/month, for 3 months it's $21 (save over 28%), or $17/month for 6 months (saves over 42%).  I choose to do the 6 months subscription and you pay for 6 months at one time which was $102.  I did find on the internet a coupon for $5 off on 6 months so it came to be $97.  And did I mention that the shipping is free?  Oh yeah free shipping is always good!!  A percentage of the subscription goes to a shelter that BarkBox sponsors each month....which I think it just fantastic!  Anyways if you are interested in signing up under me.... my link is: https://barkbox.com/r/1YhW0uYeYP/  !  For every person that signs up under me I'll get a free month and you will get $5 off your first box!  Not a bad deal all the way around.  And please remember you can also do the same and get people to sign up through you.  And if you don't want to sign up through me you can go directly to their website and sign up yourself at www.barkbox.com.  You know your little four legged babies will love you.  Think of the joy you will give them when each month they receive their very own BarkBox! 
These are just a few of the monthly/quarterly subscriptions that I have joined and just wanted to pass along the information about them and my take.  I do not get any thing free from them, all the products I have I have bought with my own money. I will be posting each one of these subscriptions individually with pictures and information about what I got.  

Also if you are interested in seeing my video blogs Vblogs I am being very vigilant about doing them after each thing I receive and you can check them out on YouTube and type in littlebitofbeauty050 and watch them.  It will give you a sense of what is in these subscriptions.  The one subscription I'm excited to get and then do a Vblog will be for BarkBox for my dogs!  I have asked my husband to help me do the videos for this one since I have 4 Chihuahua and they will be a big part of the videos!  So if you like them....please "thumbs up" them and also subscribe to my YouTube channel.  I think there will be a giveaway coming up, but not for a bit.  I want to get more people subscribed to my channel.  I will post on that when I'm ready for the giveaway and will have the info too on YouTube.....but the catch is you have to be a subscriber to me on YouTube!

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you come back for more and for updates!!
A Little Bit of Beauty